youth for change 


(leadership program for middle and highschoolers)

YFC Leadership Program is a FREE unique program founded by Sudha Kasamsetty, a CUSD Parent and founder of VerveCon Inc.(www.vervecon.org). This program is for all middle schoolers and high schoolers. There are many leadership programs for highschoolers but very few for middle schoolers. As part of YFC Program, we will be teaming up middle schoolers to different teams and each team will be mentored by a highschooler/s.

All the teams will work on a project/topic for one month and present it before an esteemed panel for live feedback. All participants will receive a recognition certificate.We want to empower/encourage kids to do things differently and achieve the world that they want for themselves. We hope that through this program they will interact with their seniors, understand the skills/tools ahead of time, and strive to approach highschools with a better perspective. For more questions/suggestions please contact yfcfuture@gmail.com

8 Teams of middle schoolers + 10 high School /Undergrad mentors + 5 topics + developing a project in 4 weeks. If you want to be part of YFC, Sign up HERE 

For more questions contact us at yfcfuture@gmail.com


Niharika Nambiar, a mentor of the first session speaks about her experience with this program.

Here's a small snippet of one of the teams meetings. They are discussing their presentation.

Srija, (A YFC Mentor)'s, review of this program:

"My experience with YFC was amazing. I am so glad that I got the chance to see them grow, as I really did think the kids wouldn't be able to put on a good presentation since their early presentations were...substandard to say the least. I am so grateful for the mentorship opportunity because I feel like I actually uplifted these three kids and taught them something that they can hold on to and use for the rest of their lives, even though the program was only a month. That's not to say that my role as a mentor was a piece of cake-quite the opposite, actually. It's a really fine line to walk when I want them to practice and improve constantly but also not come off as too demanding of both their abilities and schedules, so it really puts into perspective how much patience it takes to help someone realize their potential. I spent many meetings worrying that I was asking too much of them by telling them to meet even up to three times a week and to get specific goals done by deadlines, but it all worked out in the end! I am still so happy for having the chance to mentor them, even though it was difficult at times, since getting that opportunity to be a direct positive influence on someone is so rare and so fulfilling. I like being someone they could turn when they needed a friend, an advisor, a teacher, and a role model.  "

Mentor reflecting on one of her mentees:

"I personally think *mentee 1*had the MOST growth and improvement out of everyone. I was really worried about him throughout the whole process because he didn't put in enough time/effort at first and was too busy to be on time to meetings. He also messed up many times during presentation practice and it really brought down the whole team, but I managed to work with him and I am so proud of him because he managed to do so much better in later practices and eventually the real presentation. He said that he had a fear of and couldn't do public speaking, but this program taught him more about it and helped him overcome it. "

Mentee (Jason) reflecting on his experience 

"I honestly really liked this program. In the beginning I signed up because my mom wanted me to, but I actually really liked it. I and our whole group became very comfortable with eachother very quick, and it was very interesting to learn about my topic. And it was very cool to present in front of so many important people. I think this was a great use of my time, and a fun one at that. Also, it was so much better than just laying around at home watching tv because I actually felt like I was doing something and being productive.I'll definetly be appplying to join next year and when I'm old enough I want to apply as a mentor. Thank you Mrs. Sudha Kasamsetty for starting this program!"